Top 10 Awesome Easy Beautiful Nail Art Designs

By Unknown - June 05, 2017

Whether it is a girls night out or you are having a ‘me time’, girls don’t need an excuse to treat themselves with manicure. . Manicures are no longer done with plain nail polish so be sure to have a stash of nail colors with pretty looking nail polish packaging around for the times you feel like treating yourself with a manicure at home. You can get a really cute nail art at home with a very few things easily available!
Find out 10 super cute and easy Nail Art Designs and how to do them below:
Nail Polish Packaging

The Sharpie Party Nail Art Design

Everyone has sharpies around and they are waterproof just like the nail colors. For this particular nail art design you don’t need to have lots of nail colors and just a single white nail color will do the job pretty well. So, you need at least 6 Sharpies in different colors, one white nail polish and one transparent nail polish. Everyone owns a set of French manicure kit with a cute nail polish packaging so hopefully, these things will not be hard to get. Now, begin with applying the white nail color on all the nails. Now let them dry and once the white is fully dried, take the first Sharpie and put little blurry dots on the nail, four dots each nail and apart from each other, repeat with other colors and when all colors are done, put on a top coat and you are done!
Nail Polish Packaging

M&Ms Nails

Super easy and super adorable M&M nails will look really pretty! Take the basic nail polish colors or get any brand nail polishes from the drugstore that has pretty nail polish box design. You need white, red, yellow, blue, green and brown nail polishes with a clear coat as well. Paint each nail with a separate color, after drying, with the tip of a toothpick draw a tiny ‘m’ in the middle of the nail and finish off with a top coat.
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The Minimalist

You need pink, golden glitters from a fancy packaging of nail polish and a clear coat. Apply any shade of pink on all the nails. Let them dry, and then on the ring finger nail, apply coats of glitter until it is fully covered with golden glitter. Once fully dried, finish off with a clear coat.

The wedding DIY manicure

For the minimalist evening wedding nails, you need a scotch tape, white nail color and tiny sequins along with clear coat. Leaving the ring finger, apply white nail color on the nails. On the ring finger, cut a scotch tape in 1/4th on an inch and put in horizontally in the middle of the finger and apply white nail color. Once dried, take the tape off, put on the clear coat and while the coat is still wet, fix sequins in the gap. Apply the clear coat.
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The black French manicure

We all love French manicure, try it with a black color instead of white and on the ring finger, go for a full glittered nail topped with a clear coat.

Cookie Monster Nail Art

Who doesn’t love the cookie monster, if there is Halloween or you have to follow a theme, choose Cookie Monster to do a quick nail art using a blue, white, black and red nail color. First, apply the blue base color. With the help of a toothpick draw two rounds on each nail and put a black nail color dot for pupils on each white dot. Put the red bigger dot below the white dots for the nose, let dry and put on a top coat.

Chevron Glitter nails

Take scotch tape and cut it in thin strips with a zigzag scissor and put them on the Nail Polish Packaging. Apply any base color on the nails and let them dry. Apply zigzag strips on the nails a little apart and apply a thick glittered nail polish. Once dried, take off the tape.

Abstract Nail Art

This nail art needs a fan brush, and a few random colored nail polishes with a good color pay off. Put on a base color which is lighter in tone. Now take a drop of a darker nail color, lightly run the fan brush on it and slide it across the nail creating rough lines. Repeat with every nail and then use other colors the same way.

Fancy French Manicure

Apply French manicure base on the nails. Once dried, take zigzag scotch tape strips from the packaging of nail polish and apply on the nails like French manicure guide tapes. Apply the white color and take off the tape once dried. Here you go with a lovely zigzag French manicure.

The beetle

Paint the nails red. Take a toothpick and with a black paint draw a vertical line dividing each nail in half. Put two large dots on either side with black and paint the tip black!
nail polish storage boxes

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